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One of the most disappointing things about centrist Democrats is the way they think they have to trash-talk Democratic policies in order to win over non-existent "moderate centrist voters." [read more]

Nine months after their first station came online, we are starting to see the Electrify America network come together. As more stations come online, it’s looking like a three-way race to see which transcontinental route for EV rapid charging will open first. Just as with the original transcontinenta [read more]

Elon Musk sat down with Tasha Keeney and Cathi Wood of ARK Invest for a conversation about Autopilot and autonomous cars. He said Teslas will be capable of Level 4 self driving by the end of this year. [read more]

Teams and individuals will compete for one year to propose their innovative solutions to the world’s plastic crisis [read more]

We would get triple the benefit with a saving of around 33 billion tons for wind and solar vs 11 billion tons for nuclear [read more]

A novel combination of high-grade spacecraft solar cell material and advanced light-concentrating lenses has yielded solar panels with a record 29% efficiency that may become available for general rooftop use by 2022. The crux in the commercialization of the planar optical micro-tracking technology [read more]

No yards, no golf courses, rutted roads, very expensive water and not being able to play outside at anything for most of the summer doesn’t sound like a lot of fun [read more]

Electrification is a key step to creating low-carbon cities. Replacing fossil fuel-powered vehicles, stoves, furnaces with electric alternatives reduces emissions and creates a host of other benefits. But not all cities are equally suitable for electrification. In some cases, electrification is impr [read more]

Researchers at Wood Mackenzie studied electricity usage in the US during the recent polar vortex weather event and determined that there is insufficient renewable energy resources and battery storage available at present to keep the electrical grid operating during such times of high stress. [read more]

The Asia Pacific region installed a total of 24.9 gigawatts (GW) of onshore wind in 2018, according to figures released Tuesday by the Global Wind Energy Council, bringing the region's cumulative capacity up to an impressive 256 GW.  [read more]