About Us

US CleanTech is a company developing technology that will revolutionize the way we live.

We have well established and integrated relationships with the leading clean technology research centres in the world, an extensive network within private equity and investment banking as well as government policy makers.  Working with Key multinational strategic partners we strive for a competitive advantage and commercial success that can be rolled out into multiple markets. The challenges that arise from resource shortages and energy spike fluctuations coupled with environmental issues , provide key drivers behind US CleanTech`s quest to achieve success in the rapidly growing Clean Technology sector.

On average we will review over 50 projects for each undertaken. Projects must have suitable scalability to meet our strategic requirements. If the underlying technology does not objectively better the environment they are immediately removed from the process. We identify the most exciting technologies developed by the most innovative minds in science, apply our deep understanding of commercialisation process, and review integration to the value chain accordingly, assessing the competitive landscape concurrently.

We continually apply our criteria not only for the dynamics of end user demand, but the specific obstacles to be overcome to realise that demand. It is a requirement that our technical analysts have held leading positions in private sector technology companies as well as research institutions, thus ensuring the project’s rollout potential has been considered, from idea to application.
This approach is evident when we review the sectors we cover and the maturity profile of our projects, which reflect our understanding of the requirement to generate consistent value for both our private and corporate shareholders.